The Big Melting Pot

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America, the land that people often refer to as the big melting pot. People from all over the world come here that have different cultures, different appearances, and different religions. However, this poses a huge question on how this came to be. How did diversity first come about? Why do people believe or act differently than others? Once diversity began appear, how did people come up with classifications to group certain people together? Some answers are easier than others. For example, according to the power point people came from Africa. As they moved to other areas of the world, they began to adapt and significant differences between people came to form. Noses are good examples of this adaptation. Depending if a nose is narrower or wider, the nose either warms or cools the air. This is important for which climate setting the person lives in. These differences began the classifying because people have a hard time of letting people just be people. Although, people do enjoy knowing what ethnicity they have in their genetics. With all these differences though, it makes classifying people into arduous processes that holds many errors and is problematic when people add a hierarchy to the classifications. The start of racial classifications where especially problematic. Race is primarily based off of people’s characteristics, and to classify people at the start, there were only three categories: Caucasoid, Mongoloids, and Negroid. Trying to put the whole populations into

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