Melting Pot In America

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Melting pot. The common phrase that is used to describe America no matter the continent. Many people have faced struggles of immigrating to America throughout the years for better or for worse more people continued to come to America. When people immigrated to America they all came from different regions of the world as well. People came from many different racial backgrounds like germans, polish, spanish, mexican, and many more. However when things first began a majority came from Europe but within Europe there are a variety of cultures that helped to make America. Immigrants have changed American by creating the current image of America and then America has changed immigrants because America has caused them to differ their culture to become more “American.” Immigrants have affected America by changing how America is perceived by outsiders which has lead to the current image of America being this melting pot where everyone is accepted. To support this, “And besides waterfowl there was great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many, besides venison, etc...Which made many afterwards write so largely of their plenty here to their friends in England, which were not feigned but true reports” (Bradford 18). Throughout his text Bradford has numerous examples of how the people of Plymouth affected how America was viewed by others. This specific piece of text evidence doesn’t show some of the hardships that they faced when they first arrived at Plymouth, but what it does show

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