The Big Sleep By Raymond Chandler

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Raymond Chandler’s hardboiled detective novel, The Big Sleep is a story of murder mysteries, revelations, blackmailing and lies that the private detective Philip Marlowe gets caught up in. Marlowe is a private detective who is hired by the millionaire General Sternwood to tackle a blackmail attempt on his one of the two wild daughters, Carmen Sternwood by a man named Arthur Geiger. Arthur Geiger is a bookseller; therefore, Marlowe begins to investigate about his bookstore. Consequently, he meets Agnes Lozelle, the clerk of the pornography library disguised as a bookstore. She is Brody’s girlfriend, but after his death, she is seen to be in cahoots with Harry Jones to blackmail Marlowe by offering information about the location of Mona Mars. Although Harry Jones is a deceiver, a chronic liar and an appalling tailgater, but his loyalty and morality command respect. As the novel progresses, there is more to it. It is not just a blackmail attempt that Marlowe has to deal with, but complications such as extortion, kidnapping and seduction as well. Harry Jones comes to light as the man in a gray Plymouth sedan following Marlowe. Apparently, crime is the wrong business for him, as illustrated by his unsuccessful attempt of tailgating Marlowe secretly. In the scene when Marlowe notices the Plymouth sedan that was following him, he says “He stayed close enough so that I couldn’t make a short block and leave that before he entered it, and he stayed back far enough so that other cars
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