The Bill Of Rights Of The United States Constitution

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What is a bill of rights? What is an amendment? How are the different? A bill of rights is a formality such as the Declaration of Independence and it is the outline of what the citizens feel their born rights are as people of a union. An amendment is the changing or altering of a legal or civil document. Specifically amendments in the United States Constitution include the changing or detailing of what the people need. These two phrases differ in what their purposes are. The bill of rights was set as a clean-up for the Declaration of Independence requested by the general population used to form a more structured government. An amendment is used to overcome a specific objection like slavery or details are government processes.

A bill of
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This made the list assumptively because of the King and his regulation of having the colonist house soldiers during the American Revolution. The fourth amendment protects the privacy of Americans from their government. This means that the government must have reasonable cause to search an individual’s personal space. Amendments five through eight identify with the process of trial and include the right to a fair and speedy trial, right to a jury, and prohibits unreasonable fines. Along with those amendments listed above the Bill of Rights also states there should be no cruel or unusual punishment. The ninth amendment recognizes that American’s rights are not limited or bonded specifically by the Constitution. This means that Americans have rights outside the Constitution. The last amendment within the Bill of Rights states that any power not given to the government belongs to the people. This is very important because it parallels the purpose of America; power of the people. The Bill of Rights is said it should be known as the “Bill of Limitations on the government to avoid the perception that the rights were granted by the government” when in actuality the rights were established and powered by the people (Schweikart). Overall a Bill of Rights, specifically those of the US Constitution, are a formal declaration of the rights, both legitimate and domestic, of all Americans.

An amendment is defined as a minor change in a document and that what the Bill of Rights as
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