The Biological And Behavioral Approaches Essay

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There are several approaches or perspectives in psychology. This essay will focus on the Biological and Behavioural approaches. The first section of this paper will give an overview on these approaches, giving an account of their assumptions on human behaviour. It will review methodology used and evaluate their strengths and weakness. Followed by a closer look at a key theorists in the field. It will then take a closer look at how these approaches have contributed to the understanding and treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Biological psychologists believe that human behaviour is directly linked to our physiological make-up and is caused by activity in our nervous system particularly those in the brain. These can be studied in many ways include: the lesion method and studying the brains electrical activity using brain scanning technology such as CAT scans. (Cullis et al. 1999 p410-427) In addition it also investigates the role of genetics and hormones. We all inherit a unique genetic make-up known as genotype and so differ in terms of personality, ability, temperament and so forth. When focusing on the genetic influences identical twins, family history or use adoption studies maybe used. (McLeod S, 2015)
Charles Darwin the originator of the Biological theory of evolution described in his publication On the Origin of Species (1859) that over time evolution or natural selection takes place in all living beings “As natural selection

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