The Biological Consideration Of Genome Editing/Crispr Technology.

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Please consider these statistics:
“Approximately 4 million babies are born each year. ~4% with and genetic disease or major birth defect, ~1% with a chromosomal abnormality. Upwards of 20% of infant deaths are caused by birth defects or genetic conditions, and ~10% of all adults and 30% of children in hospitals are there due to genetically related problems.” (Matthews)
Hereditary defects and disorders have been present throughout time, bringing about havoc on families and individuals across the globe. CRISPR technology is essentially a system in which Cas9 proteins are manipulated to apply different DNA to the cells. The Cas9 protein is existent as a protective device, …show more content…

Predictions can still be made about the potential effects, though cannot be exactly sure about these propositions. Even so, the positive effects of the potential genome editing of humans significantly outweigh any possible negative effects, in terms of biological data.

Scientific Limitations
The possibility of human genome editing was not exactly promising until a few limitations were set aside. Patrick D Hsu, Feng Zhang, and Eric S Lander are all very qualified specialists of biology at the broad institute of MIT and Harvard. In their report, they discuss the limits with genome editing in eukaryotes specifically: “Eukaryotic genomes contain billions of DNA bases and are difficult to manipulate. One of the breakthroughs in genome manipulation has been the development of gene targeting by homologous recombination (HR), which integrates exogenous repair templates that contain sequence homology to the donor site” (Hsu) Here, the scientists recognize some trouble with altering DNA bases. Though after further study, the biologists soon recognized that homologous recombination was quick fix to this issue. With a big limitation out of the way, potential application of this new technology was a new focus. The scientists concluded with the ability for CRISPR technology to underlay the key factors in order to produce new drug targets, as well as directly altering harmful mutations through genome editing. The ability to understand the

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