The Biology Of A Cell Mass

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Genetic instability and the accumulation of several molecular alterations are the cause of cancers through the development of a proliferative cell mass. However, it is restricted to the current prognostic and diagnostic classifications since there is no reflection of the entire tumor clinical heterogeneity. Therefore, they are not sufficient in making predictions for the adequate treatment of patients. The chances of survival for the patients suffering from cancer normally depends on the timely detection of the disease and in this perspective, the highly specific and sensitive methods of curing the disease take play. Notably, oncology can be revolutionaliuze3d through the development of the bio affinity particle and in the
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Also, mutations in apoptosis complex or suicide that is activated by p53, a tumor suppressing protein, and this results in the complete disabling of replication and, thus, there is prevention of cell destruction when the alarms responsible for self-destruction are set off. The above factors, when combined, lead to the unlimited cell proliferation and this unchecked cell division and malignant tumors release chemicals that promote the growth of abnormal capillaries leading to the feeding of these capillaries with the critical nutrients and this leads to the destruction of the surrounding cells. Some cells even detach themselves from the cell mass and then travel through to the bloodstream and then form tumors in some other body parts through metastasis.
It is unfortunate that cancer, a very complex disease characterized by the combination of accumulation of several molecular alterations and genetic instability has become more fatal than heart diseases. As stated earlier, the chances for the cancer patients to survive solely depend on timely detection of the disease and then the application of certain techniques for its treatment. There are traditional methods that are employed such as the papanicolau test and mammography for women in the detection of
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