The Birth Of A Nation

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The turn of the 20th century was an important time for the history of cinema. With the implementation of appealing movie stars and extravagant sets, Hollywood had found a new formula for success in the form of blockbuster films. The Birth of a Nation, directed by D.W Griffith, being one of the first feature-length films of its time, was heralded for both its technical advancements and aesthetic appeal. Despite being criticized for its racist legacy, The Birth of a Nation, set what would become the new standard for Hollywood blockbuster films in film production techniques. Film production had reached new heights with the creation of The Birth of a Nation. With an original budget of $40,000, which quickly turned into $110,000 at the conclusion of filming, D.W Griffith was able to stage massive battle sequences with hundreds of extras. (Watson) The use of epic and large battle scenes brought an entirely new aspect of filmmaking that audiences hadn’t seen before. By moving his camera and being able to pan different shots, Griffith was able to deliver a more engaged scene to the audience. Prior to the development of The Birth of a Nation, films were not much longer than a couple reels because film producers were afraid audiences could not remain engaged enough with the action for long periods of time. (Robinson) Griffith was able to dismiss this as the film lasted up to three hours and was still a smash box-office hit. The introduction of full feature length films caused a

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