The Birth Of Benjamin Franklin

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In January of 1706 the future of America was changed forever with the birth of Benjamin Franklin. Born in Boston, Massachusetts Ben was the son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger, Ben was the youngest son of 17 children. Josiah was a soap maker and he wanted Benjamin to enter the clergy. Ben went to South Grammar School where he excelled, he even skipped a grade. Unfortunately with such a large family, Josiah was unable to afford the education that it took to become a clergyman. Ben only had the luxury of formal schooling for just a few short years. Ben began working for his father and was bored quickly. Ben had a strong interest for everything and he wanted to learn and know it all. He tried other work options but none of which panned…show more content…
He also became a member of the Masons and was socially active. By 1733, he started the writings of Poor Richard 's Almanac. These almanacs were created under another alias, Richard Saunders. Many of Franklin 's famous quotes came from these almanacs. In the A few of these quotes are, "Well done is better than well said" (Benjamin Franklin.PBS) or one of his most famous "A friend in need is a friend indeed!" (Benjamin Franklin.PBS). In the midst of all adventures and endeavors he managed to find time to marry his childhood sweetheart, Deborah Read and have a son that he named William. His dedication to helping society continued with the development of the Library Company in 1731. The average person could not afford books, not to mention they were hard to come by, so Ben managed to use his resources to start the first ever subscription library. He became the clerk of the assembly of Pennsylvania in 1736 and by 1737 he was the postmaster of Philadelphia ("Benjamin Franklin"). His contributions did not stop with the library, he started the American Philosophical Society, The Pennsylvania Hospital and the Philadelphia 's Union Fire Company. From the development of the fire company, he started the Philadelphia Contribution for Insurance Against Loss by Fire. Most of these groups are still active today. The University of Pennsylvania was another one of Ben 's
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