The Birthplace Of Christianity : Israel

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I chose to do my project on Israel to learn more about the birthplace of Christianity. Israel is approximately 8,550 square miles. Israel has very fertile and mountainous land around the Middle East and their population is 7,821,850. Israel can be ran North to South in 2 days and East to West in 2 hours. Some of Israel’s important rivers are the Jordan, Qishon, Yarqon, and the Yarmuk River. The Jordan River forms part of the country’s eastern border, separating Israel and the West Bank from the Jordan River. The Jordan usually runs southward through the Great Rift Valley. Israel’s climate is hot and dry in the summer and wet and cold winters. Due to the dry climates most of the natural disasters consist of sandstorms, droughts, and periodic earthquakes. Israel’s environmental issues have increased over the past fifteen to twenty years and have brought increasing pressure on the country’s environment. Also, since the desert heat is so excessive, water sources are limited because of the industrial and municipal sewage. Since having automobiles in Israel, they have a very sharp increase in air pollution, but oil and coal-powered machines do also. Some rare animals in Israel are the Arabian gazelle, argali, and the cheetah.
Israel has a Parliamentary democracy. This is a type of government in which the party with the best representation in the parliament forms the government, its leader enhancing prime minister or chancellor. Absolute functions are exercised by members of the
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