The Black And White Effect

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After I had finished conducting all of my research on ten different topics, I then went on to further narrow my ideas down to the top three. The first topic that I have chosen is regarding photographs that are in color versus photographs that are in black and white. The question being asked is, “Do two copies of the same photograph, one in color and one in black and white, evoke different emotions or different intensities of emotion?” When I first came across this topic, it was one that I immediately wanted to pursue and look into. The initial interest was most likely derived from the fact that I am colorblind.
I decided to begin gathering the information I needed by starting my research with the black and white side of the topic. I learned that one of the most recurring arguments against color in photography is that it can be distracting. The black and white effect helps the viewer concentrate on the entire image. It can also make the photo seem to appear more intricate. This is because viewers are able to pinpoint certain details in the composition that any color may have obscured. Desaturation (making it black and white) removes color as a component completely, eliminating any visual intensity that may have been contributed to the image by the existing color. Black and white is considered by many to be raw, stripped back, and almost honest. What seems to makes it so compelling is the simplicity; the purity of having no colors and no distractions. The effect can create…

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