The Black Death Plague

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The Black Death is one of the worst disease in ancient history. It was an epidemic that killed millions of people between 1349-1351.Many people suffered from lack of care and lack of remedy, also it became difficult to find a medical person to diagnose such a horrible disease. Boccaccio, Tura and Venette describe the physical and social effect of Europe when the Plague had begun. In this selection, they describe how people respond and changed their behaviors .People were so scared from Plague therefore, some of them searched isolated place to abode .Another type of people would enjoyed the life with drinking ,singing, dancing, and telling jokes with each other and tried to forget the horrible disease. Other types of people believed to run away from effected place and they abandon all their family and belongings. Plague killed a lot of people and it effected on Europe’s population.
The Black Death changed the existing population of Europe .Many people died and who could survived their birth rate declined. The result decreased of Europe’s population and it became half than before. The Black Death became obstacle in the development of medieval society which was going in progress at that time. At that time, there were not enough people for work therefore the effect was shortage of labor. In this period land were not cultivated, and labor cost was higher because after the Black Death population stopped growing and diminished. Due to the shortage of labor and increasing of

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