The Black Greek Life in College Essay

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The smell of carnival foods, music blasting through the tall speakers, and the crowd going wild is the first thing one hears as one enters the stadium. Shortly, one hears the sounds of clapping, stomping, and yelling as the Greek organizations compete for the grand prize, title of recognition, and bragging rights. People are dancing and supporting their favorite groups as they perform the routines the groups have been practicing for days. The final group performs and walks off stage drained with all the energy they put into the performance. Everyone crosses their fingers hoping their Greek organization won. Different colors, like salmon pink and apple green, surrounds the stadium representing the different groups. The MC (Mic Controller) …show more content…

This definition Ross provides and informs one with the true and deep meanings of what the “sisterhood” may define sorority. A sister may tell one that a sorority may appear as a partying thing, but in reality a sorority is a group that gives back to the community while having fun at the same time. Many resources do not talk about sororities in general. The resources mentioned a special group called the Divine Nine. Together these nine societies make up what is known as the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) (Barker 17). The NPHC contributes abundantly to the community from: improving health care, raising scholarship funds, and promoting literacy to working for women’s rights, aiding the NAACP, and organizing social justice and civil rights, … (Fine 2). There are only four societies in the Divine Nine that are sororities. These were the first sororities formed on college campuses and have successfully made a massive impact in every community. The first sorority to be born is known as the Alpha Kappa Alpha. Everyone has seen their bright colors and heard talk about their fierce attitude. Right? Alpha Kappa Alpha was born on the campus of Howard University on the date of January 15, 1908 (Ross 163). The AKA Sorority, Inc. was meditated upon one college student, but it took nine college women to collectively make this organization transpire. “The names of the women that helped find AKA are as

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