The Black Swan Green : Cruelty Among Jason

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Black Swan Green: Cruelty Among Jason
In David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green, Jason Taylor is a teenager who goes through different obstacles that he wishes he could change in his life. He deals with bullying, his case of stammering, and trying to find somewhere to belong at school and as well as outside of school.
Jason deals with a speech impediment called stammering. Stammering is a speech disorder that involves repetitions of certain sounds. By having this speech impediment he gets bullied from other teenagers and as well as his own family. Jason is in Miss. Throckmortons class playing Hangman. On the board are the letters NIGH-ING--E. “The word ‘nightingale’ kaboomed in my skull but it just wouldn’t come out” (Mitchell,26). At this moment Jason is quite scared, ashamed, and breathless and his response was, “I’m not sure miss.”(Mitchell,26). Jason now thinks that his stuttering would “sprea[d] round the school like a poison-gas attack” and “life won’t be worth living” (Mitchell,26). Eventually it does and everyone knows about it. Ross Wilcox is the first one to make fun of him saying,”G-g-go on, l-l-l-lend us yer p-p-protractor, T-T-Taylor, honest I want to do m-my M-M-M-Maths homework”(Mitchell,219). Ross keeps nagging Jason so he can do his “mat[h] homework”, but as we can see he’s just cruel and a jerk towards Jason.
Jason 's family are cruel to him too, some not trying to anyway. “Honestly, Helena, when are you going to get rid of his stutter? It’s social

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