The Black White Achievement Gap

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The Black-White Achievement Gap In the article "The Black-White Achievement Gap: When The Progress Stopped," NAEP (the National Assessment of Educational Progress), discusses the past 45 years and how children in the black community have still not met the same success as their white counterparts. Not only has education been lacking in the black community but socio-economic growth and interpersonal relationships have seen a downward trend with little to no progress. Moreover, the resources available to higher income white children and low income black children is a stark difference. Focus on change has been slow. Progress to narrow the black-white achievement gap must be met with strong economic support not just from the government but from within the community. Notably, it is up to reader to form an opinion. The thesis of this work, simply outlines the information that will be presented in an unbiased manner. Over the years many people have been interested in the rate at which success can be measured at a young age. One focus of this report is the trend in the gap between black and white educational attainment, achievement and contributing factors. A lot of the time we like to think that just being born in America automatically gives us the keys to success. But it does not, many factors contribute to a child 's accomplishments such as access to educational resources like preschool and libraries. As a whole, the nation has moved forward in so many aspects, but poor black
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