The, Boating, And Bodies : Egyptian Culture And Its Impact Essay

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Bowling, Boating, and Bodies: Egyptian Culture and its Impact Imagine for a moment you are in Ancient Egypt. The air is hot and dry, the wind blows stinging sand against your face, and you can hear the rushing of the Nile. Up the road from you is the marketplace where vendors sell their wares. People shout and run and argue and work, not the least bit aware that their own culture is helping to shape that of the rest of the world for thousands of years to come. The Egyptians were responsible for a variety of aspects of our modern life, from some of our sources of entertainment even down to aspects of our religion. They revolutionized science, architecture, and cosmetics, and helped set the stage for the advancement of civilizations for millennia to come. Essentially, the ancient Egyptians were significant to the history of the world and to our modern time because of their advances in technology, entertainment, and language. In terms of technology, the Ancient Egyptians were without a doubt the most advanced of their time. To begin, the most tangible and obvious evidence still present today is their architecture. The Egyptians employed a multitude of advanced architectural techniques, ranging from ornate pillars to gargoyles (Reshafim). Even arches developed, and, though not quite as prolific and well-designed as that of the Romans, are still an impressive feat. Complex systems were used to erect large buildings and monuments to deities, such as systems of ramps and

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