The Book 360 Leader By John C. Maxwell

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The book 360 leader is written by the author John C. Maxwell. The book was dedicated to Dan Reiland who was a friend, student, teacher and partner to the author John C. Maxwell.There are six sections in this book written by John C. Maxwell. The six sections in this book talk about principles to lead up down and across, challenges, myths of leading from the middle of an organization and the value of 360 degree leaders. Maxwell’s book 360 leader provides a lot of facts on leading from the middle to the top of an organization reminding leaders that it’s all about influence when it comes to leadership.

Section one talk about the myths of leading from the middle of an organization. Maxwell talk about how most people think leaders are only …show more content…

if only every leader could understand that’s what 360 degree leader does and is, they would stop complaining about where they are and be content with the impact they have because of who they are. Maxwell says, “The true measure of leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less” (Maxwell 4)

In section 2, Maxwell discusses the challenges 360- degree leaders face. The first challenge a 360 degree leader faces is the tension challenge or the pressure of being caught in the middle. The way the tension impacts a leader Maxwell says, is affected by five factors. The first being how much authority and responsibility we are given as a leader. Secondly how well we balance not stepping over our boundaries, also what is the leadership DNA of the organization and leader. This is how well you know your job and how well you do it. Lastly is appreciation, can you live without the credit. Maxwell says, “The key to succeeding is to learn to deal with the tension of whatever position you are in, overcome its obstacles, and make the most of its advantages and opportunities. (Maxwell 33) Challenge number two Maxwell discusses is the frustration challenge, or following an ineffective leader. We often think it is our job to fix insufficient leaders in order to make them successful. Maxwell helps the reader realize that it is better to lead from the middle, than to be

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