The Book "8 Ball Chicks"

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Eight Ball Chicks concise
By Laura Anderson

The book "8 Ball Chicks," written by Gini Sikes. It is a thrilling yet shocking book about girls in gangs. The book explains in horrific detail the roles and existences of the girls in these gangs. Sikes traveled to several different cities to experience the life of girl gangsters. She traveled to Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Milwaukee. Through these travels, she became immersed in the lifestyles of each gang and had first hand accounts on what it was like to be in a gang. Sikes met many girls whom she could not believe what had persuaded them to live like they did. Most of the girls wanted to just fit in with something, to have power or be safe. Sikes recognized that all these girls
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She said that wanted to educate her child and teach her about he bible. TJ wanted to teach her child right from wrong and not let her end up the way she did. She end up working in a factory and also took her self off of welfare. She showed that through all she had gone through their was always a light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of the reason why I believed these girls ended up like this was due to the fact of the poverty stricken communities. Social Disorganization theory best describes this. It states that delinquency occurs when the social control among traditional primary groups like parents, schools and the neighborhood breaks down because of the social disarray within the community. When this occurs girls and boys look else where for acceptance and love. Which is why most of them turn to gangs. Turning to gangs how ever seal some of its members fates, such as death and jail. Another reason why I think these girls become delinquent or become involved in gangs is because of the Labeling theory. People label them because they are poor or come from bad neighborhoods as bad kids. So eventually they just take that identity. I mean it you think about it, if people keep calling you a bad kid over and over again after a while wouldn’t you just accept it because that what people expect of you? This book was a very good read. It was very eye opening. More than what I expected. It was a very well written book about the hidden lives of young

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