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The book Between the World and Me by award winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates is a recent best-seller that introduces a perplexing encounter of African Americans and their struggles to live under a white American supremacy. Mr. Coates did not only write the book for his son, whom he acknowledges throughout the book, but he also writes to those who want to be enlightened about issues that no one wants to address. Who is Ta- Nehisi Coates? How is a African American viewed in America’s society today? Most importantly, how does an African- American view themselves? Coates answers all these questions and many cultural issues that concern present America. Edward Bulwer Lytton once said “the pen is mightier than the sword.” This empowering quote …show more content…

In reality, Coates demonstrates that little hope is offered or equality will ever be a reality for black people in America. Coates states “ We are captured, brother, surrounded by majoritarian bandits of America.”
Coates mentions the word body as much as the word the throughout the book. He believes the body is the most important aspect of our lives. He believes that one must take care of our body to the best of our ability. Coates states, “Not being violent enough could cost me my body. Being too violent could cost my body.” A black male in a neighborhood like the one he grew up in- West Baltimore could have easily taken his life away, as well as a neighborhood in the suburbs. There is no successful escape. Coates states to his son, “ You do not give your precious body to the billy clubs of Birmingham sheriffs nor to the insidious gravity of the streets.” There is a great chance a black person- specifically , a black male will end up in the streets, kicked out of school, locked up or killed. The same rage that the police officer who killed Eric Gardner is carried within the black boy who grew up from the ghetto. It was rage that had been passed on generation to generation. The killing of his good friend, Prince Carmen Jones, by a PG county officer convinced Coates that the police reflects America in all of its will and fear. He states “And so to challenge is

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