The Book ' Good Fortune '

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The book “Good Fortune” is a powerful and unique book that can change how you think and interact with different people of different cultures. The characters in this amazing story have achieved many goals, but they have also struggled to survive in an environment of great difficulties. The main character of this book, Sarah, was brutally kidnapped from her family in Africa onto a slave boat to America, where she was sold to white folks as a slave. Mary, who acted like a mother to Sarah, worked her whole life as a house servant, and did her very best to ensure Sarah would have a bright future. Mr. Caldwell, the person who gave an opportunity to Sarah to receive the education she has been thirsting for died, because he wanted to make a change in his society and get black people the same equality white people get. As you see, many characters in this novel sacrificed even their lives just to get equality and freedom in their lives, and I will be talking about three of the ones I think are most important.
After Sarah was brutally kidnapped from her home in Africa, she was forced to live a life as a slave in the western part of Tennessee at a plantation. At the planation, she would wake up before the sun even came out and would collect cotton for her master until late evening, all exhausted and tired, not even getting a pay. “Even before the sun rose in the mornings, we were awakened to being our workday, sometimes having to line up in rows for a slave count
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