The Book Of Romans By Apostle Paul

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The book of Romans is written by Apostle Paul, and he talks about different aspects of the Christianity there. He talks about how should human beings view the natural world, their identity, and relationship with God. Romans chapter one to eight shows the aspects of those areas: God so loved human beings that He reveals Himself through natural world that people could know Him; true human identity can be discovered by seeing God’s image within human beings, and to do so, Jesus need to justify, sanctify, and glorify them; the relationship between God and human beings were broken due to a sin, but through God’s unconditional love, whoever lives in Jesus will not be separated from God again.
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However, they pretend that they do not know Him. Paul says that “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened” (Rom. 1:21). It is so obvious that God who created everything is seen in the nature, but people in Rome still sin against Him, and it is very important to notice that they sin even though they knew God. It is not quite different in today’s world. People try to deny God’s existence, and they do not accept to believe Him even they know that He is alive. Instead of pursuing to know God, they lean toward to what’s more attractive to them, sin. Paul clearly states about this issues that everyone cannot make excuse that they see God in the nature, which means on the day of judgement, they would not able to make an excuse that they sinned because they did not know God.
The nature reflecting God’s image affects my biblical worldview that I thought God is the one who is up in heaven sitting at the throne. It seems He is very far away from me, but actually He was very close to me, and He is everywhere around me. It makes me very happy and comfortable that He is around near me. Furthermore, I could realize the grace and love of God that magnificent God wants to reveal Himself to tiny human beings. No other gods in other religions wants to reveal themselves to make a relationship with human beings. This is the uniqueness

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