Romans: The Natural World In The Book Of Paul

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In the book of Romans Paul has a primarily focus of writing to the Jews and Gentiles living in Rome. In a time of deep despair Paul sends letters of hope and encouragement to a group living in a hostile environment relatable to missionaries overseas worshipping to those who might not be ready or accepting of the word. Faith is mentioned and concentrated on throughout Romans and is studied in depth which leads to the way of salvation for the sinful hearts of Rome.
The apostle Paul describes the natural world in the book of Romans as one might live on a daily basis without hesitation. There is mention of various situations consisting of sinful behavior among both the men and women of Rome. The acts of sin are not made due to a misunderstanding of what is right or wrong but rather the choices are made due to the desire of a sinful heart. The sinful acts committed outweighed the consequences to the Romans just as they often outweigh them today. Paul mentions in Romans 32, “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” The verse sparks a familiarity to the …show more content…

Cultures have distinct differences that make them unique and individual. In Rome the culture was one of apparent overwhelming sin. There are many mentions in Romans about the attitude many Romans had towards God by the way they acted towards each other. By committing evil they made the choice to separate themselves from God. The Jews and Gentiles must have been discouraged to be the minority of Rome. Paul sends encouraging messages to them in order to lift their spirits and keep their focus on God. There are countless similarities between the Roman culture and the culture seen in the United States. Though the Romans did not learn right from wrong neither have future generations through the

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