The Book Thief Analysis

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In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Liesel Meminger discovers the power of words and how important they are in the lives of everyone. Young orphan Liesel makes a habit of stealing books before she even knows how to read. By learning to read and write she discovers a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. Liesel uses stories to express herself and realizes how words can be used to manipulate the thoughts of others. By reading Liesel better understands herself and the writings of others. By reading books and stories Liesel helps contribute to her community and help others. Through communicating with Max and listening to his stories she starts to put together how Hitler rose to power and became so influential. Learning to read and write allows Liesel to better contribute to her community and herself. Liesel’s discovery of the influence and power words changed her life forever.

With Liesel's encounters with Max and her increase of reading she discovers how words are can be used positively or be manipulated to influence others. After Liesel steals The Shoulder Shrug from the bonfire she finds out why the Nazis wanted to burn it. The book presets a jewish protagonist in a positive way. Hitler rose to power through the idea that jews and communist have corrupted germany and are terrible groups of people. When someone writes a book about a jew who is a good person it completely contradicts what Hitler is trying to prove. In order to get rid of this conflicting

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