The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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In the Novel the Book Thief by Markus Zusak and Breaking Prejudice from National Radio, we see there to be a change in perspective due to insightful personal discoveries. We see this occur for the better and the worse, on a smaller scale in the case of the Book Thief and on a larger scale in Breaking Prejudice, which serves to demonstrate to the reader the many levels on which insight can affect perspective. In the Book Thief, Liesel’s initial perspective of both her foster mother Rosa, and Hitler, change as a result of a moment of realisation caused by their actions. Similarly, we see a change of perspective in Breaking prejudice that sprung from an insightful discovery, however one that is more dramatic. Zelda Le Garange, a wealthy, white girl who grew up in the richer part of South Africa, had a conditioned perspective on black people, completely transformed through meeting the loving Nelson Mandela.

In the Book Thief, the protagonist Liesel undergoes a minor moment of insight that changes her perspective on Rosa for the better. When Liesel first met Rosa, her initial perspective was one of cynicism and distaste. When Liesel first arrives in Munich and refuses to bath Rosa calls her a “filthy pig”. This horridly evocative metaphor gives reason for the narrator, Death, to state that “Liesel was bathed in anxiety”. The metaphorical allusion to “bathing” in an emotion emphasizes that Liesel is consumed by negative emotion. As the novel progresses however, we see Liesel

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