The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak Essay

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The Book Thief’s main character is Liesel Meminger throughout the book she develops more and more by opening up and doing new things. At first she was very shy and would not do hardly anything for example, “It took nearly fifteen minutes to coax her from the car. It was the tall man who did it. Quietly.”(28) That is when she first got out of the car “There was the gate next, which she clung to.”(28) This shows all the more how shy she was at the beginning of the book when she first arrived on Himmel Street. Then as the book goes on she starts to adopt her foster-mother, Rosa or Mama’s style of speaking and starts cussing some when talking to her best friend, Rudy and even the mayors wife when she terminated her mothers washing and ironing …show more content…

It says that “THE BEST word shakers were the ones who understood the true power of words.”(446) this really states the main idea because it shows that words can rule and destroy. Power of words also ties in with her stealing books because she would read them and from each book get new ideas and learn new words in each book because when she didn’t understand a word she would write it on the wall and define it so as the story developed she understood the power of words more and more. When the town was hit by air raids she would read in the bomb shelter. “A voice played the notes inside her. This, it said, is your accordion. The sound of the turning page carved them in half.Liesel read on. For at least twenty minutes, she handed out the story. The youngest kids were soothed by her voice, and everyone else saw visions of the whistler running from the crime scene. Liesel did not. The book thief saw only the mechanics of the words—their bodies stranded on the paper, beaten down for her to walk on. Somewhere, too, in the gaps between a period and the next capital letter, there was also Max.” One example of the main idea in this is saying that words can be like music and have hidden meanings like it explains later in the quote how everyone else is seeing the whistler running away while Liesel sees what the words mean and the

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