The Book of Love

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Andrew's eyes flicked up, catching sight of her face. He swallowed, forcing his heart to not fully pound straight out of his chest. He shoved his chair back, kicking off with his feet. Standing up his eyes, a bright blue caught between a clear gray based blue and a weirdly vibrant electric blue, found her face. And that wall, that steel strong wall he'd built around his heart and emotion came tumbling down. Crashing in a haze of love, hate and anger. Years of work, undone in seconds just by looking at her. Andrew's eyes found her nut brown ones. "Olivia." he spoke, his voice thick on his tongue. Her face said it all. Regret for coming her. Pain from seeing him again. And something else even his years of profiler training couldn't seem to place, a first for the FBI Agent. He paused to eye the bullpen before he lead her into the hallway of the building. Tan walls stared back at him as he crossed his arms ove his chest. "It's been what, eleven years since you left me?" He spoke, his voice cold. Her eyes blinked, her head titled to the side. "Eleven and a half almost to the date. Techcally two since we last spoke though Andrew. Listen Andy we need to ta-" he cut her off with a hard stare. "I'm not your Andy anymore Olivia. It's Andrew or Agent Mason when I'm at work--which I am. Listen I have a few minutes before my boss blows up at me for taking a break. What it is?" he spoke, that tinge of his old accent there. Hidden, softer then normal but it was still there. "I need your

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