The Book of Obadiah

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This brief book of the Hebrew Bible is very significant in that it is one of only two of the Minor Prophetic books that are addressed entirely to a nation other than Israel and Judah. The Book of Obadiah deals with the ancient feud between Israel and the nation of Edom, between the descendants of Jacob and those of his brother Esau. Through the prophet Obadiah, the Lord expressed His indignation at the nation of Edom. When they should have been helping their relatives, they were gloating over the Israelites’ problems and raiding their homes. “The Book of Obadiah brings an important message about oppressors and the oppressed, betrayers and those who have been betrayed. Arising out of a time of national crisis, it has a word for innocent bystanders and also survivors.” A day was coming, the day of the Lord, when all these wrongs would be righted. The Lord would bring justice to the world.
Rabbi Halpren is of the belief that this small book is worthy of theological scholarship and hermeneutical exegesis. He says; “Obadiah is more fortunate that most prophetic books of the Bible despite its miniscule size. It is one of the few biblical books read in the synagogue in its entirety and its last verse is recited daily in the Jewish liturgy. It is generally neglected as an object of study probably because of its unimpressive dimensions. Yet, it is an archetypical example of prophetic style and content.” The size of the book does not diminish its importance and worth

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