The Books : A Most Holy War By Mark Pegg And The Teutonic Knights

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Charlie Baynard Dr. Timothy May Crusades November 11, 2015 Comparative Book Review The books: A Most Holy War by Mark Pegg and The Teutonic Knights by William Urban. Both had a lot of good information for readers; however each book presented many different problems. Urban and Pegg’s books were also difficult to follow for a variety of reasons and the sources were used in a confusing way or not at all. While both books provided a good history of each event, they had many problems throughout. In Urban’s book, The Teutonic Knights, he gives a detailed history of the knights and the different conflicts that they took part in. Urban began his book by offering readers a detailed guide about the rank structure and different roles of each position in the Teutonic Knights. Additionally, he explained the role of the knights and the reasons people were drawn to join the order. He also addresses many political and religious circumstances that surrounded them in different parts of history. The book is broken up into multiple chapters with subparagraph headings spread throughout. Urban uses a variety of maps in each different subsection to help readers better understand the areas that he addresses and the important cities visited or occupied by the Teutonic Knights. The book does not use any kind of citation system, however it does have a bibliography for readers to reference. The book is very easy to read, but it can be confusing because it is not organized fully chronologically, so
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