Norm Unnairel: A Narrative Fiction

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In the dark foggy alley Normîrel ran. The smell of rain and sour milk filling the air. She ran down the long narrow alley way, watching mice scurry as her feet splash in the clear dirty rain puddles. Her heart ponding in her chest. Hearing the sound of the motorcycle behind her, her heart stopped. Running faster, Normîrel turned on to the street and down the other alley. With the sound of her footsteps echoing in her ears. A car pulled up at one end of the alley. Making another turn in the twisty foggy alley way, Normîrel fell. The screams of her pain raining out in the cold brisk air. Hearing footsteps, Normîrel crawled to some near-by dumpsters and hid. The footsteps getting louder and close, Normîrel stayed as quite as she could while trying to muffle her cries of pain. Her leg is dirty with the dark red color and she chocked on the smell of gas and smoke that filled her nose.…show more content…
I could hear the sound of the footsteps coming closer, echoing in the vacant alley. “I told you this before, Little Miss, that if you ran I would find you.” I couldn’t move, it was like I had been frozen in time. I heard the footsteps stop and the once was tall dark shadow was gone. Standing right there in front of me was a child. The child was so small and had the darkest purple eyes I’d ever seen with black spikey hair. “I see you have a new friend Little Miss.” He had truly found me. Fear sprang out of me as I saw him approaching me behind the child. His hand laid on the child’s shoulder. “What’s your name boy?” “My name is-“I interrupted the child. “Leave the kid alone!” I stood to my feet quickly, pushing the child behind me. I bit my lip trying not to show the pain of my leg
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