The Boy Who Lived By J.k. Rowling

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The Boy Who lived J.K. Rowling’s top rated, award winning books were the Harry Potter series. These series then got turned into top selling blockbusters. For various reasons, these series were a massive success. What makes them so successful and intriguing? Why is this thousands of people 's favorite movie series? Perhaps it’s the witches and wizards, or the mythical creatures. Or maybe the romance and how people can relate to the characters. J.K. Rowling made a book that is truly appealing to almost every type of audience. For the viewers that love the mystical part of it, there are so many magical creatures and magic. In every movie, there are new mystical creatures and more spells that the viewers never get bored. From trolls to…show more content…
This made it a huge blockbuster h because when you see one you want to see the next one so you know how the relationships have progressed. The ones going for the love of suspense, it always keeps you on your toes. In every movie, there is a problem they have to overcome and then there is an ultimate problem which is Voldemort. You want to see them finally defeat Voldemort and they do not do this until the final one. Therefore you are hooked for the whole series. J.K. Rowling also left off every book with a cliffhanger. Once you think you are going to find out the answer finally, or they are going to defeat Voldemort, the movie cuts to a black screen and the final credits are plastered across the screen with famous Harry Potter theme song. You then tell everyone around you how upset you are with how it ended and that you can’t wait for the next one to come out. This is a good way to make a movie series a huge blockbuster hit because you know that everyone is going to go back and see the next one, so their questions get answered. That is also the thing with Harry Potter is it is not just one movie that was a huge blockbuster hit, but 7 movies, each impressively successful. People also love this movie because they can relate to it. They may not be a witch or a wizard, but they still have love, friendships,
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