The Brain for Memory

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The brain for memory The brain is the most important organ, and any animal, even mosquitoes have them. However, have you thought any special ability of the brain, or have you imagined about your personality, emotion or memory in the situation which you lost a part of brain? In fact, there are lots of great abilities such as memory in the brain without our notice. Although, all the brain’s tasks are not clear completely, a lot of scientists have researched it and found its several miraculous functions (Newhouse 2007). The brain consists of many parts; particularly, this paper describes four parts of the brain which relate to memories or emotions. People who lost those four parts or a part of those would get effects on their memories…show more content…
Firstly, people who lost the hippocampus might not memorize anything because it makes transfer information from short-term memory to long-term memory (Foer 2007; MC 2007). Information is stimulated to be strengthened in the cortex as long-term memory; otherwise, it will be pruned (Mapping memory 2007, p.43). Moreover, it may be hard for them to remember geographic information because of the lack of spatial memory (Brain structures and their functions n.d.). Therefore, the brain without the hippocampus means that people do not have long-term memory, which is necessary for memorizing information. Next, losing the entorhinal cortex, which stimulates visual and auditory information and includes spatial memory, and the perihinal cortex which has the faculty for visual recognition, also influences the ability of memory <;>. Therefore, people who lost the entorhinal cotex would not develop information visually, auditorily and spatially, and people who had the perihinal cortex removed would not identify anything visually. Moreover, people who lost the amygdale may change their personality because it is necessary for emotional expressions which are associated with fear particularly (Mapping memory 2007, p.43). Thus, the brain without the amygdale means that people could not
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