The Brave New World Response Paper

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After reading the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley I realized that this is no ordinary story. It predicts a future overpowered by technology and government and where the people have no true freedom of choice. This book made me think about whether the utopia depicted in the novel would be a perfect place to live or a terrible place to live. It is hard to distinguish where the line is drawn between making life simpler and losing the meaning of life. Although some may look upon this type of life with envy I personally would rather have to work hard and earn my living than to lose the chance to make my own destiny.
The first thing that made me dislike the idea of this utopia was the fact that the government overpowered the world and …show more content…

No one is given the chance to move up and make more of themselves. The members of each class are ranked according to their mental capacity and physical appearance which are also predetermined before their birth. This seems that it would take away all individual motivation and dreams. If you think about it sometimes dreams are all we have. It is unfair that even before you are born your future is already written out for you.
Another reason I do not see brave new world as a utopia is the conditioning of the people which has lead them to a lack of individuality and care for each other’s well-being. Due to their conditioning, they do not fear death but accept it as a way of life, they view life as expendable. This goes against the most basic of human instincts. If the loss of a life means nothing, wouldn’t that convey the idea that the life itself meant nothing? The people in the book are also deprived of their history, culture, and background. According to my views, these things are an unquestionably important aspect of life and I would go so far as to say that I could not live without them. If the people of the brave new world were granted these things that signify individuality and freedom such as the ability to create their own culture, it leaves the possibility for revolution which is the very reason they are not given ability to obtain them. The society also

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