The Breakdown of Family Life

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“There is an increasing concern about what some politicians have described as 'the breakdown of family life ' and they have suggested that the only way to fix 'a broken society ' is to place more emphasis on marriage and a return to traditional values.”

Examine what are commonly believed to be 'traditional values '.

How far, and for what reasons, do you agree that we are currently witnessing 'the breakdown of traditional family life ' in Britain?

'Traditional values ' simply means coming from tradition rather than any specific philosopher, moralist or writer. Since the 1970 's, 'traditional values ' have become synonymous with 'family values ' and imply a congruence with mainstream Christianity, and have been in …show more content…

The Archbishop of York used this argument in a piece in the Guardian when referring to 'the complementary nature of men and women '. However, if this is the case, it is therefore unfair for heterosexual couples to marry if either is infertile as they cannot pro-create either. Arguments based on the 'traditional family life ' will always be insulting to homosexuals as there is no proof they are not capable of being able to raise children and be good parents regardless of their gender.

According to the Office of National Statistics, more people are living alone, are being raised by single parents, and an increasing amount of grown up children are still living with their parents than in previous years. The 'nuclear family ' has been described by one expert as a 'museum piece ', emphasising the fact that it is a part of history now. Figures showed that 30 percent of women under 30 had given birth by the age of 25, while 24 percent had married, showing having children is more of a first major milestone to adult life than getting married. These statistics in comparison to 1971 show an extreme difference: three quarters of women were married by 25, and half had given birth. The statistics also showed that the number of adults living alone doubled in generation, from 6 percent to 12 percent due to divorce, death or marrying at a later age. In reference to the above statement, the nature of family has changed significantly in the past 30 years so the government are correct

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