The Bride Of The Sea

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When it comes to the rhyme scheme of The Bride of the Sea, Lovecraft uses a very simplistic theme of abab. The overall scheme that he used is sometimes called an alternative rhyme. Lovecraft uses this scheme pretty often. Alternative rhyme schemes were also used in his poems Sunset, The Cats, The Messenger, and Christmas Blessing. Even though The Raven contains numerous internal rhymes, The Bride of the Sea does not. Line forty-two contains a smidgen of assonance where Lovecraft wrote, “Seeking and pining, scarce heeding my way.” Both seeking and heeding contain the similar vowel sounds. In the first stanza Lovecraft rhymed “me” with “me,” which is an identical rhyme. He was also consistent with the use of identical rhymes in A Garden as well to emphasize his main points. A Garden is written in a paragraph as prose instead of in the typical stanza form. Although A Garden is written as a prose, it contains pairs of rhymed lines. The entire poem is rhymed in couplets’, which are two lines that rhyme with one another. Lovecraft molded multiple internal rhymes by repeating the same words like ancient and grey. “Grey” as a color is a recurring theme throughout Lovecraft’s work. We have seen it used once in The Bride of the Sea, and three time in A Garden. Lovecraft chose this color to not only create a vivid image of his fictional worlds, but to also stir up deep emotions. Grey is a color that melds both black and white. It is indifferent, uncaring and cold. Looking out at an

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