The Briefcase Essay

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The sun broke through the horizon with a struggle that day, as if it wasn’t sure it wanted to rise at all. Not exactly an auspicious start, but it would have to do. I lingered, much like the sun, belly down in the dew cover grass, adjusting my camera to get a better angle on the subject. This was one of those torrid jobs the boss was too distracted to take anymore, but hey, I wasn’t complaining. Anything would have gotten me out of the office and into the field. The life of struggling private investigation assistance is a dirty one, but someone has to get the money shot, and that someone would be putting dinner on the table. I leaned closer, focusing in on the intertwined figures in the motel parking lot. Click. Gotcha. The perils of …show more content…

Mr. Kalihand stood up hurriedly and briskly shook my hand. “Pleasure.” he curtly replied. “So, where were we? Oh yes, Mr. Kalihand, if the police are already taking care of this case, I simply cannot take it“ “The imbeciles who make up the police force couldn’t find a stick of dynamite if you shoved it up their… well, you know! I need extra help on this one.” I chuckled. I, for one, certainly knew. Mr. Kalihand shot me a curious glance. “Will your…associate be working with us in this case?” questioned Kalihand, taking a sip of water out of a tall glass. “Of course! Weaver is my man, er, woman, in all things! She does excellent field work, and will be working very, very closely on this case,” Algie assured him pompously. “Very closely?” “Oh yes, yes, yes very much so. Is that problem, Mr. Kalihand?” inquired Algie. Mr. Kalihand seemed to be suppressing a frown. “I had thought that you would be the sole person on this case Mr. Keith.” “Oh no sir, you see, in my age, I need someone to do a bit of the running around part, so to speak.” “I expect, then, that you will be able to brief her on the case and its finer points,” he stood, “Please, excuse me, Mr. Keith and Ms. Weaver. I’m expected at a meeting.” “Of course, Mr. Kalihand! Have no fear! We will have your most prized possession back to you very soon!” assured Algie. Mr. Kalihand made his graceful, albeit hurried exit from the room. I came to sit in his

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