The Brilliant Club Final Assignment

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The Brilliant Club Final Assignment
Nathan Bell
This essay is going to list and compare adult and adolescent behaviour, characteristics and try to analyse how certain adolescent characteristics change into adulthood. It will look at what characteristics change and what don’t, look up the information to do with the question and rewrite the information without changing the meaning and make sure it will have the source links at the bottom of the essay. It will show images of the brain at different ages. It will show; development of the brain, consequences of adolescence for example drink driving, what is fMRI, sMRI, PET and EEG.

During adolescence the teenagers become more risky (take more risks), the frontal lobe (the brakes) are not fully developed so it can’t cope with the temporal lobe (accelerator) which can’t control itself, energetic, adventurous, independent, they will become more independent because of peer influence and just because it’s a sort of natural thing, more rebellious, again peer influenced, intellectual, the older you get the wiser you become, self-conscious, once again peers influence this e.g. fashion appearance, better at making decisions, as the frontal lobe (the brakes) is developing it become easier to make decisions on your own, and either social or unsocial, social= you have a strong relationship with your friends, unsocial= you have a strong internet connection with your friends.
Adults still have traits of adolescence for

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