The Brooklyn Bridge Research Paper

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In the midst of corruption sits a Great Bridge towering over the landscape as millions of people commute over it, clueless of how deep the crime beneath it runs. In the midst of immigrants sits a bridge that connects one economic powerhouse to another with the ideas and dreams of a German-born immigrant that never got to see his dream completed. In the midst of the mighty East River stands the East River Bridge as a towering monument of mans' ability to make even nature bend toward its iron-like will. In the midst of all this stands the Brooklyn Bridge in all of its glory as the pinnacle of industrial and engineering mastery of that time period and as a testament to the lives of the people that lived through a time of intense corruption, new…show more content…
One of the few people that were going to fully push for this project would be William Tweed, a New York politician that was said to have a hand in every creek and crevice of business in the area of New York both legal and otherwise. Tweed began his career in 1851 by going from a simple fireman into an alderman and from then on he found that he no longer had to depend on honest work from then on and by 1869 or the time when the bridge would start to be build and the same year that its very own author of the great bridge would sacrifice his life for the sake of both his own pride and according to some accounts, the bridge’s success. By 1869, he was reaching the pinnacle of his influence as he was in his prime and doing everything that he set his mind to and this was when he would become the “Boss” of New York and from then on become known as Boss Tweed and he might as well been since judges made decisions based on his request, legislators passed or opposed laws at his will, and both the Mayor and Governor were in his pockets and were at his beck call. This was the Tweed Machine and it controlled every aspect of politics and was the epicenter…show more content…
This same bridge is known as the East River Bridge because it stands as a testament to man’s willpower to overcome anything including the mighty and untamed East River. This bridge is sometimes known simply as The Great Bridge and this is because of what it represented. It has components and was privy to some of America’s worst political corruption, but it was also able to witness the emergence of new ideas through immigrants. However maybe more than anything else, it is representative of America as the innovative and industrial powerhouse that it both was becoming and has become to not only stop two world wars because of its involvement but ensure one of the longest periods of world peace in
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