The Brown Traders By Maya Angelou Analysis Essay

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Race, a problem that sticks on us like glue, it affected the past, affects the present, and will affect the future. Ms. Angelou, an African American was raised in Arkansas with her brother Bailey, where the event took place was in Their Uncle Willie’s shop, it was a center for all the black people in the community to gather and enjoy their time. Ms. Angelou recalls her past by telling us (the audience) about an event that shook her life and the life of every American and the boxing industry, a Black man won. For once, Maya Angelou was overjoyed, the “Brown Bomber” proved the world wrong that black people are strong and the Black people were not weak creatures. Times back then were rough, Ms. Angelou and her families must have dealt with racism constantly in their daily lives, it reminds me of a plague, you want it to go but it will not disappear. Maya Angelou depicts about results that would happen if the Brown Bomber were perhaps say lose the fight, another version of slavery, feels like living in hell again.

Maya Angelou describes the loss very harshly with dangerous repercussions like “another black
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This story really changes my views on life how little things can have a big impact on other people, an example would be like this boxing match little but with great importance. Maya Angelou’s hyperbole really shows you the effects of what could happen if Joe loses or what happened when he won the match in either case, the exaggeration was perfect in my opinion. Ms. Angelou experienced life that I will never experience in my lifetime, but I have felt racism before as being a minority in a mostly populated school you tend to deal with it. Race has affected me in so many ways, my views ten to change time and time again thanks to new ideas by it. In the end race is what describes are group and I hope you are proud what race you
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