The Brunch: A Short Story

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At this Brunch, I was at a Motel, And on a crunch, To go to a meeting with a bunch of cartels. There were ferocious insects all around the room, People get bit and die, I was in a great place of doom, I felt like I was stuck in a pie I was sitting in a chair Thinking about what will happen to me, My hand was on my hair, Trying to avoid bodies with legs that are in a pair. I suddenly felt something on my limb, It was crawling, It was climbing, On my skin it was gnawing I then slapped my band, And a small creature fell on the ground, I then trapped it in my hand, It made a different sound. I was elated that I was not killed, I ran out of the room, Without being billed, I put on a relaxing perfume. At this Brunch, I was at a Motel, And

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