The Btk Killers Reign Of Terror

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On January 15th 1974 began Dennis Rader, the BTK killers reign of terror. The first victims of Dennis Rader were four members of the Ortero family, Joseph, wife Julie, son Joseph, and daughter Josephine were murdered in their home in the early morning hours between 7:00 am and 7:30 am, Three children of the Ortero family survived because they were already at school. Rader armed with a pistol entered the home and forced the family to go into one of the bedrooms, there he tied the family members up and strangled three members taking Josephine to the basement and hanging her whilst masturbating among her dead corpse. The fifth victim of the BTK killer, Kathryn Bright was on April 4th 1974. Rader attempted to strangle the victim but reported it was not working so he stabbed her, according to him two or three times in the torso underneath the ribs, Bright’s brother Kevin, who was shot twice survived. The sixth victim of BTK was a while later March 17, 1977 Shirley Vian, whom was not the actual target on that specific day. Vian was bound with tape and ropes and strangled to death while her children were in the bathroom crying and trying to get free. Rader would have another victim in December of that year, Nancy Fox, Fox was the seventh victim of BTK, she was handcuffed, her feet were tied, and she was strangled with a belt. Marine Hedge was the eighth victim of Rader; she was a chosen victim of BTK. Rader snuck into her home, jumped atop her while she was lying in bed and

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