The Budgeting Process At The United States

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Police departments across the United States are spending a lot more money today on policing than they did 15 years ago, as demands have changed on what is required to effectively run an organization. Governments have put in place various budgeting systems that generally revolve around the adoption of a fiscal calendar which begins on the date new annual budget laws become effective. When the time comes to prepare for yearly budgets, most agencies run into issues due to lack of funding as they are asked “to do more with less” (Hess, Orthmann, Ladue, 2016, pg.483). The budgeting process from start to finish is not an easy task as many consider it to be one of the most challenging and stressful times during the year. Even though the process …show more content…

So, with thinking long and hard I would begin by setting goals and objectives to where salaries, insurance, educational and training programs would be kept as if these were eliminated morale and safety would be lowered tremendously. With keeping these items in the budget, I would look for other resources like grants that may cover a portion of the above items as this will help free up funding and enable organizations to use the bottom-line philosophy in which allow shifting of funds from one expense category to another if expenses didn’t exceed the total amount budgeted (Hess, Orthmann, Ladue pg.485). Grants from the following organizations Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), Office of Justice Program, and Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) are a valuable resource as statistic showed that just last year the police department in Hampton, Virginia was awarded five awards from COPS totaling $625,000. (COPS, 2016) With the possibility of a 5% cutback in Chesterfield’s budget grants can relieve an unknowingly amount of stress for administrators by bringing back in enough revenue to offset some of the cuts and allow for them to continue forth in meeting goals and objectives that were a benefit to the department.
When it comes to having to cut Chesterfield’s projected budget by $3,027,920 the best scenario I found was instead of

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