The Bush Administration's Contribution To The Iraq War

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One of the major contributors to the invasion and subsequent battle in Iraq were the United States of America, who felt that under the leadership of George Bush, were in danger. Initially, under the support of many American citizens, analysts predicted the war itself would cost in the range of approximately $50 billion to as much as $200 billion, and the recovery of Baghdad would cost about $10 billion per year. However, the legitimate costs as of March 2013, although highly contested, was estimated to have been $1.7 trillion by the Watson Institute of International Studies at Brown University. The Bush Administration's rationale and deceit for the Iraq War has faced heavy criticism from an array of popular and official sources both inside and outside the United States, which had cost President Bush’s …show more content…

As well, those who served and their families initially bore the brunt, as they will pay approximately $300 billion over the next several decades to provide healthcare for their injured family members. Finally, there is also an opportunity cost involved as in particular, those who served must account for any lost income from the jobs (or any potential future jobs) that they quit to serve. To further expanding on this topic, if the war did not exist, there would be thousands of healthy American citizens who would be able to contribute and act as a functioning member of society. Instead of investing billions of dollars on the military force, that money could have gone in to alternative sectors, and could have ultimately provided a boom to the US economy. Although it can be unfeasible to determine whether or not this would have stopped the 2008 Recession from occurring, it would be likely to conclude that the 2008 Economic Crisis could have been avoided as a result of the Iraq War not occurring. Because the United States were a driving force to invade the country of Iraq, their efforts lead to an Economic turmoil that will continue to be apparent for

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