The Butter Battle Book By Dr. Seuss

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War is dangerous, unpredictable, and destructive. World history has been witness. It is responsible for disease, poverty, famine, epidemics, separation of families, and violence. In addition, war inevitably results in serious, negative effects on the environment and the economy. The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss is a symbolic representation of the Cold War which is not a suitable topic to expose children to n a children 's book.

Dwight D. Eisenhower would not go down in history for his accomplishments during World War II, but will be remembered for his outstanding abilities to direct during the Cold War. It was his military skill against the Soviet Union that gained him the title of "strategic architect of America 's Cold War …show more content…

The Berlin Wall stood for almost thirty years. The wall represented post-war repression of human rights, disrespect, conflict and disharmony. The Cold War threatened the world with the risk of military conflict, that if it had escalated into nuclear confrontation between powers, there would exist complete annihilation of human kind. The sad reality is that war could be fought using nuclear weapons. An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon that has tremendous destructive potential. "If there is any hope to be found in nuclear weapons, it of the fact that they have finally made war too terrible to contemplate" ("The Making of..." 2). The history of the atomic bomb goes back to 1934. An Italian-American physicist named Enrico Fermi began experimentation on uranium and neutrons. Not completely convinced of his experiments being a success, two other scientists repealed Fermi 's work in 1938. Otto Frisch and Lise Meitner proved that the "uranium nuclei in Fermi 's experiment had been fissioned by the neutrons fired at them" ("Atomic Bomb" 1). The results of these experiments lead to events of the beginning of the Cold War.

The Chief Yookeroo in Dr. Suess ' "The Butter Battle Book", is the person in charge of the Yook society; somewhat like a mayor or president. Apparently, when a problem arises, Yooks go to him for advice. Take for example, as "Granpa" was keeping watch along the wall, a Zook named Van Itch slingshotted Granpa

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