During The Early 1940’S Atomic Science Had Just Began To

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During the early 1940’s atomic science had just began to mature. Many people were exploring the powerful mystery of the atom. Two of those people were Eugene Booth and John Dunning, who, in 1941, synthesized uranium-235. Immense scientific growth followed their contribution, since it allowed for nuclear fission (Griffith). In the years following this discovery, nuclear science took a turn. Once only used as a constructive power source, atoms began being explored for their destructive power. In 1942 the United States government funded the Manhattan Project that sole goal was to develop a nuclear bomb. The initiator for this endeavor was surprisingly the famous scientist Albert Einstein. He wrote to Franklin D. Roosevelt , and tipped him off …show more content…

The Manhattan Project was just another preparation for the impending war. In regards to keeping the project a secret, the government had to maintain secrecy to ensure no other enemy was able to develop nuclear warheads. Lastly the bombings were necessary to bring World War II to end. After the end of the first world war, Germany was in a catastrophic state. With a worthless economy and a confused political scene, it was only a matter of time for Hitler to take power. He argued for revenge on the allies. This obviously was very disturbing to Americans. As the Germans prepared for war, the allies were also preparing. In 1939 the scientific community learned that the Nazi’s were on the verge of discovering the power of the atom. Out of fear of persecution, scientist Albert Einstein left Germany and Enrico Fermi left Italy. With this new knowledge that the Nazi’s were developing an atom bomb, Fermi went to Washington to express his concerns. Initially the government ignored his warning, but when Einstein wrote President Roosevelt, he took Einstein 's warning seriously and agreed to start atomic energy research. The Manhattan Project originated out of fear of world destruction. The Germans were rumored to be developing nuclear warheads, and this was the reason that Roosevelt was justified in approving the Manhattan Project. Much like in any other war, rumor are taken seriously. It is unknown if the Nazi’s actually developed a nuke. Historians

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