The Call Of Rescience As An Ethical Consciences

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A call of conscience is an ethical responsibility where someone essentially asks themselves what kind of person they want to be. The call of conscience is continuous and it “summons” people to the challenge of assuming the ethical responsibility of affirming their freedom through resolute choice (Hyde, 39). A call of conscience pushes one to structure and live their existence in a meaningful and moral way by making a definite decision of how they want to live their life. Call of conscience is a driving force that pushes people to do what is morally right so that they can have a strong sense of self. Furthermore, call of conscience is a call of Being, “the call of Being demands courage from those who remain open to it and, in doing so, stand ready to acknowledge how their ways of thinking and acting may not be as authentic and respectful as they could possibly be” (Hyde, 51). A call of conscience encourages someone to do the right thing, no matter what, even if the person helping someone else has the potential of having negative percussions for doing so.
Les Misérables does an excellent job at projecting what call of conscience means, specifically, when Jean Valjean saves Fauchelevent from being crushed under a carriage.
Fauchelevent calls out “where art thou?,” “help, who is a good fellow to save an old man?” cried old Fauchelevent (Hugo, 109). Everyone is standing around leaving poor Fauchelevent to die. Valjean tries to find an alternative way of saving Fauchelevent,

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