The Canada 's Food Guide Essay

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The Canada’s Food Guide has been in place since 1942, and nearly a decade has passed since the release of the current Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide (EWCFG) (Mortillaro, 2016). Critics believe that the time has come for the revision of the second-most downloaded document in Canada – in the interest of reflecting the changing lifestyles of Canadians (Mortillaro, 2016). At the time of its launch during World War II, male-female roles differed vastly, with stay-at-home moms preparing home cooked meals. However, according to latest information provided by Statistics Canada, 69% of households with families are dual-earners today (Statistics Canada, 2015). The effect of dual earning has taken its toll on Canadian food consumption patterns (Mortillaro, 2016). Consequently, the existing food guide has received mixed reviews and immense criticism by several researchers, and has even been declared “obesogenic” (Corby, 2007; Kondro, 2006; L’Abbe & Mahsa, 2015). This is particularly disturbing because according to the 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey, 59% of the adult population is overweight and 1 in 4 is obese; the numbers are even more alarming regarding children and adolescents (Karmali et al., 2010). The cause of the obesity epidemic might be right at our fingertips with the “Unhealthy Food Guide” that is imposed on Canadians. One strict change that must occur to the food guide includes disassociating 100% fruit juices as vegetable and fruit sources, and thereby removing
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