The Canadian Health Care System

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The Canadian health care system is often touted as a better health care system compared to the way the United States administers health care since the two neighboring nations appear to be economically and socially similar. The U. S. and Canada have extensive health care systems for it citizens but each country has different methods to financing health care. Health care in Canada is funded at both the provincial and federal levels while the U.S. health care system funded by a combination of public and private funding where both systems have their benefits and drawbacks for health care consumers.
The way health care is funded in Canada and the U.S. is fundamentally different. The Canadian health care system is funded at both the …show more content…

It can be seen therefore that public and private sources of funding are intermingled for major types of health care programs in the U.S. (Health Insurance, n.d.).
The type of health care plans funded in the U.S. that a citizen may utilize depends on the citizen’s age or employer. The funding which is provided to each health care program is then allocated to a particular type of health care plan. Major public programs including Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare tend to be fund managed care plans such as health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations which get funds from the government. These programs are social welfare provisions. However, programs which are privately funded use plans right across the board, including point of service plans and indemnity plans, which tend to be group insurance and individual insurance plans (Health Insurance, n.d.). Since the publicly funded Canadian health care system has no barriers or red tape as to how Canadian health care consumers use the health care system there is less confusion that is responsible for the cost of medical services unlike U.S. citizens who deal with a variety of types of health care services and cost levels they are responsible for.
The way the Canadian health system and the U.S. health care systems are funded affects the consumers out of pocket share of health care costs. When a Canadian citizen visits

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