The Canadian Labor Market Exits A Glass Ceiling

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Based on previous research works, Houle and Yssaad (2010) claims that the lack of recognition of foreign education attainment and work experience by employers and professional or authoritative organization is a decisive factor to cause recent immigrants being underutilized. According to LSIC in 2000 to 2006, Houle and Yssaad (2010) demonstrate that there is a low approval rating rate to the immigrants’ foreign credentials and former overseas working experience in the first quadrennium after settling in Canada. They pointed that merely 28% of recent immigrants’ credentials have been recognized by employers and regulatory authorities, and just 39% of recent immigrants whose foreign working experience have been recognized. Besides, there…show more content…
Moreover, labor discrimination is also revealed on prejudice against the foreign credentials and foreign working experience.
For employers or regulatory professional’s perception, foreign degrees or working experience have lower economic return than the same level of domestic degrees. Canadian credential as criterion takes a more important role than educational degree in determining employee’s ability. Buzdugan and Halli (2009) explained the Spilt Labor Market Theory, which argues that immigrants are paid different wages compared with native born people for same qualitied works. The reason of causing that process is the “rooted in differences in the price of labor” (Buzdugan and Halli, 2009). In other words, the immigrants who got lower salary in previous foreign work, then they would have similar level earnings based on previous salary records. Age is also a factor that cannot be neglected. Based on the research from previous works, Frank (2013) indicates the younger immigrants have more competitive advantages than older immigrants in job earnings. Although most factors explain the difficulties that immigrants encounter in the Canadian labour market, there are still some positive factors. Professional immigrants who are proficient in Canada’s official languages would
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