The Candyman - Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders

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The Candy Man- Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders Victims: 1. Billy Baulch, 17 2. Billy Ridinger-survived 3. Danny Yates, 14 4. David Hilligiest, 13 5. Donald Waldrop, 15 6. Frank Anthony Aguirre, 18 7. Gregory Malley Winkle, 16 8. Homer Garcia, 15 9. James Dreymala, 13 10. James Glass, 14 11. Jeffrey Konen, 18 12. Jerry Waldrop, 13 13. John Sellars, 17 14. Johnny Delone, 16 15. Joseph Lyles, 17 16. Mark Scott, 17 17. Marty Jones, 18. 18. Michael 'Tony' Baulch, 15 19. Randall Harvey, 15 20. Rhonda Williams -survived 21. Richard Kepner, 19 22. Ruben Watson, 17 23. Steven Sickman, 17 24. Tim Kerley-survived 25. Wally Jay Simoneaux, 14 26. Willard 'Rusty' Branch, Jr. , 17…show more content…
Henley informed the officer that he was the individual who had made the call and indicated that Corll was lying dead inside the house. After confiscating the pistol and placing Henley, Williams and Kerley inside the patrol car, the officer entered the bungalow and discovered Corll's dead body inside the hallway. In custody, Henley explained that, for almost three years, he and David Brooks had helped procure teenage boys some of whom were their own friends for Corll, who had raped and murdered them. Corll had paid $200 for each victim he or Brooks were able to lure to his apartment. Henley gave a statement admitting he had assisted Corll in several abductions and murders of teenage boys, informing police that Corll had buried most of his victims in a boat shed in Southwest Houston, and others at Lake Sam Rayburn and High Island Beach. Henley agreed to accompany police to Corll's boat shed in Southwest Houston, where he claimed the bodies of most of the victims could be found. Inside Corll's boat shed, police found a half-stripped car, which turned out to have been stolen from a used car lot in March, a child's bike, empty bags of lime, and a box full of teenage boys' clothing. Police begin to excavate Corll's boat shed on August 8, 1973. Police began digging through the soft, shell-crushed earth of the boat shed and soon uncovered the body of a young blond-haired teenage boy, lying face up and encased in clear plastic, buried beneath a layer of

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