The Career Of Being A Police Officer

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The career of being a police officer has become increasingly harder as time continues. One of the biggest tasks for officers to deal with is public perception and legitimacy. These two monumental cornerstones are the key to police officers relationship with the rest of the world trust is influenced with how the public feel about the way officer handle their job. Police officers and the community have a major disconnect due to how the officer feel like the community problems should be handled and how the community wants their problems to be handled. The blame for this disjuncture is not a simple remedy, it's not an overnight task. Nor can you choose a side and blame one but there is a side that holds little more power over the other, and that's the officers. The most utilized sector of the government has the power to destroy a community through its ruthless actions or enlighten the community for future generations. It has lot of it has to do with their outlook on the world, that has been shaped by experience in the field. Police officers jaded world outlook and their comradery(Us vs. Them) mentality has an influence on how they see the world and they do their jobs. In the same breath how communities views the world and how officers should do their jobs. Observing a cop's life through the eye of a bystander is completely different than another officer. Cop culture, mentalities, police unions, conflicting views and transparency with the community all have impact on hardships

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